• What I accomplished was not hating money.

  • TOTALLY stimulating - so nice to get to look at things from a different/ symbolic angle.
  • Now I can think about money in a positive way.

  • I started saving money! :) I now trust in my talents.
  • I have now a better connection to myself.

  • I liked the flexibility about the exercises. It's not just about money!
  • I loved the playful collective investigation through the 'family constellations' that attuned us to fleeting emotional qualities in a very concrete and physical way.

  • The workshop went beyond my expectations by enlightening me to emotions and histories I didn't know I had.
- Participants "Money for Change", workshop for Green Changemakers


I was ready to work on my relationship with money and partnering with Beate on this journey changed my life!

She is professional, well trained and provided me with a safe, nurturing space to work through my issues.

Just having this safe space allowed me breakthroughs on many levels as I could finally shine a light on the shadows and transform them.

Beate truly believed that I could achieve my goals and that gave me the much needed confidence. She also has the right tools to bring me through it.

If you desire to transform your relationship with money, I recommend that you get in touch with Beate!

coach-RuthWong copy.png
- Ruth Wong, Business and Success Coach and founder of Philosoulphy, Singapore

Beate's work has given me radical and lasting changes in all departments of my life.

She has created results far beyond what I had expected and has helped me to turn a life-long dream into reality.

- Claus Levin Sepstrup, creative entrepreneur, Hørsholm/Denmark

Beate is an incredible coach. 

Being a coach myself, I have learnt so much from her, not only with regards to my own business but also personally. I have worked with Beate since September 2016.

This journey has been transformational.

The money coaching process, surprisingly, has not only affected my financial story but has also assisted me to make personal realisations about my past which have been buried for so many years.  Bringing these past blockages into my awareness, has helped me shift my perspective and guided me to let go of things that no longer serve me. 

I am NOW in complete peace about my finances.

I feel abundant and wealthy every single day, and it has nothing to do with my bank balance.  Beate works with integrity, with heart, is gentle and so caring. 

You feel safe with her and trust her completely. 

I am forever grateful that you have come into my life!  And I am so excited to see your journey unfold and see you bring about transformational change not only in Denmark, but also globally. 

Thank you!

- Marnita Oppermann, Health and Wealth Coach, Cape Town, South Africa

Beate is a wonderful person and powerful coach!

Even just talking with her about the potential of her training blew my mind, and the fact that she decided to use her knowledge to support a greater good makes her one of those wonderful changemakers we so urgently need today!

So happy that we met :-)

- Anja Müller, think.dk

The following testimonials are mostly about me as a transformational life and business coach, which is decisive for the second phase of the Money Coaching Process.
Please enjoy and get inspired!

Beate is truly laser sharp...

... in her ability to get to the real essence of what is both important what ones gifts and strengths are and then, helping to see whats possible.

After feeling stuck for so long, she helped me shape a clear path ...

... from the multitude of creative ideas around my business, and in a very special way reflected my uniqueness and gifts back to me so ...

... I regained a passion to move forward.

- Cathy Schoen, life coach, San Francisco

I work alone at my company and was looking for qualified help to maintain the right habits to secure a stable direction and momentum for my company.

I have worked with a number of coaches in my times as a leader and entrepreneur but no-one has been able to guide me in the right direction as Beate did, and no-one as fast (from the first session). She possesses great insight in human affairs and highly-developed emphatic capabilities, and is especially good at anchoring and solidifying change. Not least, it is obvious that she uses huge resources to make a decisive change.

Beate enabled me to meet the world with much more surplus energy. I can manage with much less from other people because of my better overview and because I have conferred with her about situations and challenges. This has led to a lot of strength and new results.

Every other week I get sorted out my thoughts and considerations, which turns into pure, clever conclusion about what things mean for me, where I should go with them and how I get there. This is super efficient and contributes to my life in such a positive way that I have a hard time imagining concluding my process with her.

- Claus Levin Sepstrup, creative entrepreneur, Hørsholm/Denmark

Beate has helped me more than I thought possible. 

Her practical and utterly non-judgemental approach has done more to help me ask myself the right questions and find the answers for myself, which is surely the best way to move forward.  The clarity of thought she brought to our transactions was unsurpassed. 

I feel more confident in myself, more grounded and (mostly!) free of the fear which had tormented me for decades.

I can recommed her without the slightest hesitation. She is particularly sensitive towards the peculiar needs of the performing artist, for which I was heartily thankful.

- Katy Marriott, opera singer, Germany

THE Love that I have for singing is finally able to express itself

after years of fear and deep sadness.

- N.N., opera singer, New York

Beate’s confident, loving presence created the safety to share my deepest dreams.

I feel inspired now to go for something I have been thinking about for over a decade.

Thank you for your wisdom, Beate!

- Allison Waggener, opera singer

Beate’s coaching skills are extraordinary.

She combines laser-sharp intellectual discernment with highly-attuned intuition to guide you just in the right direction. You come out of the session refreshed, elated and with an exciting action plan in place.

Beate’s work is like that of a skilled chiropractor,

making adjustments in just the right places to help your natural energies to flow free of blockages. You come out walking aligned in mind and spirit.

- Silvia Kratzer, Associate Professor, University of California

Beate's coachings have given me a new way to think about strategy...

... and the impact of just a few small decisions in reaching my goals. She approaches every session with detail, and helps develop a clear plan of action while building up a support system around the methods used to achieve these goals.

Thank you for your words of wisdom!

- Nili Riemer, opera singer, Texas

There comes a time in every entrepreneurs career where they feel stuck.

This is where I was in the middle of summer. I didn't know how to continue. I thought that I had to choose between my Interior Arch business and my Consulting busineess, so I reached out for help and Beate Willma was the right person for me. Through a series of well-pointed questions, she managed to get out of me my wants, my desires.

For her it was just a piece of cake - but for me, it was the whole world.

Because she helped me realize what I should focus on and where I should put my attention and intention. Then through a very well-structure discussion, she has helped me prepare a plan for my business that I am now following.

By the end of this year, I will be able to offer my services worldwide through my online servies at my website.

I would refer Beate Willma as a coach to anyone who is seriously considering expanding their business and developing their skills and abilities to their maximum. 

- Stavriana Antoniou, Interior Achitect and Designer, happyants.com.cy

After graduating as a soloist from the Royal Danish Academy of Music,

to coach with Beate Willma, plus doing the Thinking Into Results program,

was the best that could happen to me!

- N.N., multi-awardwinning pianist, Copenhagen

Through working with Beate

I have been able to reach the level of inner stillness

that is absolutely necessary for the competition repertoire I am now playing.

At the same time, I enjoy my life more and more.

- Bogdan Nicola, pianist, Copenhagen

Definitely worth your cold, hard cash.

If she can shift a cynical, rejection hardened old bat like myself to positivity and action, and she DID,

I’m sure she can help you!

- Katy Marriott, opera singer, Germany

When I first met Beate, I was at rock bottom.

Living in a foreign country was really getting me down, I couldn't seem to catch a break. I had a masters degree in music and sang for a major world opera company in the US but Starbucks wouldn't even hire me here in Denmark and I was very depressed. Beate saw my needs clearly and asked me to join her sessions because she believed that they could help me out of my funk.

I was prepared to do almost anything.

I am the kind of person that needs to be happy in my profession and need to see that I can contribute to my full potential. I need to feel needed. Meeting with the group weekly really helped me keep going. Listening to their transformations put me at ease and inspired me.

A few months later I scored my dream job, even better than I had imagined!

I highly recommend Beate and her positive energy to help anyone clarify the road they need to be traveling on.

- Lara Bisserier, classical singer and manager of the Jazz Club at The Standard, Copenhagen



A few weeks into the programme, I experience my desires starting to become a reality.

World class musicians who had been the unapproachable stars of my world have now turned into inspiring, interesting colleagues. One of them has just said yes to working with me! - This might sound funny but since I have been working with the programme...

I am also claiming the space for my life. 

- N.N., prize-winning choral conductor, Vienna



I recommend Beate’s coaching to my musician colleagues.

Personally, I came to realize something in our the three-hour-long session ... something personal that I must give attention, and on top of that a smashing idea ready for immediate launch.

I expect my three-month leave from my church job to result in development and new opportunities.

- Pia Mia Gruwier Larsen, opera singer, singing teacher, speech and performance coach for media people, at Radio24syv, and Artlab, Copenhagen.

When I first met Beate, I was in a very tangled situation with my life.

I had no courage to take action in improving things and I felt completely isolated with my problems. The most important thing I got established after taking a short introductory course with her was that I was definitely not the only person in the whole wide world struggling with the issues I had and most importantly - not the only musician. She made me see, that most musicians, great and small sometimes go through periods of insecurity about our purpose and direction.

Sometimes it is ourselves standing in our own way.

In the individual coaching sessions I then had the chance to dig deeper to the roots of my problems. Quite soon I saw myself taking more control over the course of my studies and musicianship and even my own persona. I was able to look myself into the eyes and see myself clearly. It has helped me to choose the things that are important to me and I am now working towards my goals with a new-found enthusiasm!

Beate is what just a close friend can not be for you.

100% objective, asks the right and sometimes difficult questions, so that you can help yourself to find the answers you’re looking for. At the same time she’s compassionate and supportive and her genuine enthusiasm and passion for her job is contagious. - Coaching is not psychotherapy nor a quick fix for your problems. The idea is to get help to help yourself and someone to talk to without the fear of judgement or rejection. For me it was the perfect timing and even though I haven’t achieved my goals just yet, I have regained my belief in that I after all have quite much influence in the course of my life through my own actions.

I would warmly recommend Beate as a coach for anyone who’s feeling stuck

with their professional or personal development.

You might get insight in things about yourself you never even considered.

- Helena, classical singer, Denmark

My chorus master actually noticed a difference ...

... and asked what had happened since I delivered a fantastic solo! I had to tell her that I had consulted a coach and I was SO happy! :-)

Hoorray! This is wild!

- Sally Jacobsen, gospel singer, Denmark

From an outward perspective...

I was living a beautiful life both professionally and personally. However, I was in despair at times, again and again, and could not find any help that worked for me.

With TIR I have found a toolbox for virtually every problem.

With this I can make my life so much more inspiring, larger, more successful – and also more and more independent! One reaches one's chosen goals with fun and joy, with one's energy levels rising all the time, regardless of how adverse conditions might seem sometimes.

I warmly recommend working with Beate to everyone

who wants to make their ideal life a reality.

- N.N., special needs teacher, Wolfsburg/Germany

I was feeling overwhelmed with my job and had started to doubt whether I was "good enough" for it.

The TIR course and Dr. Willma's coaching helped me to realize that the problem was not so much that I wasn't up for the job, but on the contrary, that the job was not quite fulfilling my aspirations:

IT TURNED OUT THAT I didn't need to aim lower, but higher

- and maybe to change course a little. It's still some way to go, but seeing my job as something that will take me further rather than something I will be wedded to for the rest of my life has been liberating and has already had a positive effect on my productivity and overall happiness.

- N.N., PhD, university lecturer, Munich