Congratulations with taking the Sacred Money Archetypes® Quiz!

I am excited and also bit proud that you have taken this quiz on my homepage - because from now on, your financial future has a very real chance of looking so much brighter than before! Be prepared to gain some life-changing insights as getting to know your Sacred Money Archetypes® will enable you to understand YOUR unique set of behaviours and strengths with money, likely more deeply so than ever before. Understanding what makes you tick with regard to money will enable you to leverage your passions for financial success, safely make up for your weaker spots and take that marvellous step into your brighter future. 

Your quiz results say that your Primary Money Archetype is ...

THE ROMANTIC - your Inner Hedonist!

  • Likely you believe that money is here for us to enjoy the good things in life!
  • You probaby dislike feeling like a slave to money and have no problem spending it - a lot of it. 
  • You use money not so much on things but on luxurious experiences that make you feel just great.
  • This can well extend to the people you love, whom you may shower with gifts whenever you feel like it.
  • When it comes to making money, no-one will be better than you at creating luxury products and experiences for affluent customers!

When NOT in alignment with your Primary Money Archetype, you might find yourself without funds one day.

  • It is likely that you won't stop spending even when your finances don't allow for this at the moment.
  • When it comes to buying experiences, you will probably not take a no for a no.
  • During good times, you may just not see the point of saving for later (as all those experiences just seem too good to miss!)
  • To ignore your genuine need for relaxation is just not an option for you.
  • You might to ignore your financial limitations, which might get you in trouble over time.

These are just a few of theRomantic Archetype's dilemmas with money, to the point of continuing their flamboyant spending while not creating the necessary income to sustain their lifestyle. This is where my Money Coaching comes with which I help my clients achieve balance in their finances, through powerfully aligning with their Money Archetypes.

When you are in alignment with your principal Money Archetypes, money can flow into your life without you having to sacrifice your precious experiences!

There are eight Sacred Money Archetypes®, and none of them is better than any other when it comes to thriving financially. They all have to make sure that they align their actions with their strengths, cleverly make up for their potential pitfalls and do not work against their own nature.

Our Second and Third Money Archetypes are just as important as our Primary Money Archetype. 

We are at true mastery when we are familiar with all three sets of strengths, and are able to play them with discernment, knowing where they will serve us best. Having read about your Primary Archetype, just imagine what power knwoing about the two others will hold!

Therefore, whenever you're ready to take your alignment with your three Principal Money Archetypes one step further ...

... you can have assessed all THREE of them - how they play together - in a Free Clarity Session with me.

Request this session HERE to learn more about Money Coaching and explore working together!


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