Congratulations with taking the Sacred Money Archetypes® Quiz!

I am excited and also bit proud that you have taken this quiz on my homepage - because from now on, your financial future has a very real chance of looking so much brighter than before! Be prepared to gain some life-changing insights as getting to know your Sacred Money Archetypes® will enable you to understand YOUR unique set of behaviours and strengths with money, likely more deeply so than ever before. Understanding what makes you tick with regard to money will enable you to leverage your passions for financial success, make up for your weaker spots and take that marvellous step into your brighter future. 

Your quiz results say that your Primary Money Archetype is ...

THE MAVERICK - your Inner Rebel With A Cause!

  • It is likely that you love taking a substantial risk in exchange for a big possible win.
  • While we all lose sometimes, your cleverness, courage and persistence make you really, really good at what you do!
  • You have no problem with overseeing even complicatd financial transactions.
  • You probably love doing things differently than everyone else, just for the sake of it.
  • You are not afraid of sticking your head out from the crowd, which sometimes makes you a role model for the underdog.

When NOT in alignment with your Primary Money Archetype, you will probably risk it all - even though you don't have to.

  • Generating just a regular income probably seems a bit boring to you.
  • You may tend to reject the tried-and-tested just because everyone is doing it.
  • In this way, you may cut yourself off from an easy success (while there is no real reason for not using what works).
  • Constantly living on the edge may put a strain on you over time
  • This can also put a strain on others such as your family or your business associates.

These are just a few possibilities as to how the Maverick Archetype can be challenged with money, to the point of risking (and maybe losing) it all. This is where my Money Coaching comes with which I help my clients achieve balance in their finances, through powerfully aligning with their Money Archetype.

When in alignment with your principal Money Archetypes, money can give you a lot of excitement, yet without you (or your family) having to worry about your bread-and-butter income!

There are eight Sacred Money Archetypes®, and none of them is better than any other when it comes to thriving financially. They all have to make sure that they align their actions with their strengths, cleverly make up for their potential pitfalls and do not work against their own nature.

Our Second and Third Money Archetypes are just as important as our Primary Money Archetype.

We are at true mastery when we are familiar with all three sets of strengths, and are able to play them with discernment, knowing where they will serve us best. Having read about your Primary Archetype, just imagine what power the other two hold!

Therefore, whenever you're ready to take your alignment with your three Principal Money Archetypes one step further ...

... you can have assessed all THREE of them - how they play together - in a Free Clarity Session with me.

Request this session HERE to learn more about Money Coaching and explore working together!


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