For visionary leaders


Leave dysfunctionality behind, operate from the essence of who you are and thrive in your leadership


If you have tried various kinds of personal and leadership coaching and only got this far, you might have come to the right place.

In my work with visionary leaders I have helped my clients drop their (sometimes life-long) pain about their work, prevent imminent burnout and ignite hope where they had given up. They have no less then created new lives for themselves - sustainable, joyful, fulfilling, improving their performance in a humane way and not least taking pride in their professional successes.

The systemic constellation method is especially valuable to gain clarity also about today's leaders' complex fields of work. Interrelations and mutual dependence becomes very clear, as well as the possible next steps to align the situation for greater harmony and better cooperation.

My world has come together in a very beautiful way.
— N.N., government official, university coordinator, teacher and researcher