Congratulations with taking the Sacred Money Archetypes® Quiz!

I am excited and also bit proud that you have taken this quiz on my homepage - because from now on, your financial future has a very real chance of looking so much brighter than before! Be prepared to gain some life-changing insights as getting to know your Sacred Money Archetypes® will enable you to understand YOUR unique set of behaviours and strengths with money, likely more deeply so than ever before. Understanding what makes you tick with regard to money will enable you to leverage your passions for financial success, elegantly make up for your weaker spots and take that marvellous step into your brighter financial future. 

Your quiz results say that your Primary Money Archetype is ...

THE CELEBRITY - your Inner Big Shot!

  • You probably have a magnetic and charismatic personality.
  • This makes it easy for you to attract extraordinary people and experiences, which you also use for your business.
  • To be able to stand out of the crowd, you are not shy to use larger amounts of money on clothing and accessoires.
  • You likely see money as a tool to achieve status, image and recognition and are deeply grateful for every door that money opens.
  • You can be very generous and love to help others to shine.

When NOT in alignment with your Primary Money Archetype, you could find yourself spending compulsively.

  • You might find yourself using more money on your appearance than reflected by your bank account.
  • You could be spending compulsively.
  • It could be that you value status over financial security.
  • There is a possibility that you did not receive the approval and unconditional love that you deserved as a child.
  • You might be spending on your appearance to protect yourself from potential criticism or negative judgement by others.

These are just a few possibilities as to how the Celebrity Archetype can be challenged with money, sometimes to the point of overspending to avoid a feeling of emptiness. This is where my Money Coaching comes in, with which I help my clients achieve balance in their finances, through powerfully aligning with their Money Archetypes.

When you align with your principal Money Archetypes, money will come into your life in a way that nourishes your soul.

There are eight Sacred Money Archetypes®, and none of them is better than any other when it comes to thriving financially. They all have to make sure that they align their actions with their strengths, cleverly make up for their potential pitfalls and do not work against their own nature.

Our Second and Third Money Archetypes are just as important as our Primary Money Archetype. 

We are at true mastery when we are familiar with all three sets of strengths, and are able to play them with discernment, knowing where they will serve us best. Having read about your Primary Archetype, just imagine what power knowing about the two others will hold!

Therefore, whenever you're ready to take your alignment with your three Principal Money Archetypes one step further ...

... you can have assessed all THREE of them - how they play together - in a Free Clarity Session with me.

Request this session HERE to learn more about Money Coaching and explore working together!


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