Are you a music professional, producer or teacher who frequently acts as an artistic consultant?

Do you help your clients and students shape their careers?

Probably you are on top of your field professionally, yet want to add professional coaching technique to your consulting to optimally support your clients.

Without coaching skills, your consulting is no more than sharing your experiences. You have probably met the "this worked for me" approach before but want to be more professional as a consultant.


With my tailor-made training sessions, you will

- Significantly increase your efficiency when acting as a consultant

- Structure and sharpen your client conversation to avoid blind alleys

- Know which questions to ask at what stage of the consulting conversation

- Understand what the most supportive goal includes

- Navigate the delicate interplay of your client's self-insight and your professional expertise in the coaching process

- Understand how motivation functions and how to unleash it in your client

- In short, help your clients create an ambitious yet viable path that actually works - for them!


I will

- Start exactly from where you are in your consulting skills

- Fill in technique on the way so that you will keep working your way while improving

- Focus on your typical client's needs to support what you need most

- Come with clear feedback about what may not yet be working in your approach and how you can make it work

- Always communicate with the larger context at hand so you always know where your are on the coaching conversation map

- Train you in some powerful coaching techniques, suited to your personality and preferences as a consultant

- In short, help you develop YOUR unique strengths and profile as a consultant and coach


At the end of the training process, you will

- Feel confident to meet your clients’ specific needs at all times

- Be able to steer the consulting conversation in the most beneficial direction, at all times

- Have a set of powerful coaching questions at hand and know where to use them

- Be able to formulate tailor-made coaching questions yourself

- Know how to use the right language to support your clients’ results

- Strategically balance drawing on your professional expertise vs. your client's self-insight

- Be able to unleash motivation in your client, in a healthy, sustainable way

- Masterfully navigate the powerful interplay of coaching and consulting


Personal Coaching Session Option

As part of your training, you have the possibility to be coached with YOUR personal/career goals by me, to experience the power of coaching technique first-hand and relate it to your own work. We will record the session so that you can be all in your client mind while being coached, and all in your coach mind when analyzing the recording after the session. As you will experience the power of the coaching conversation with your own body, and will see the value of it unfold in your own career, I consider this one of the most efficient supplemental teaching techniques.


With adding coaching skills to your professional expertise, you can be sure to support your clients in creating a career plan that actually works - for them.ING C