Beate’s coaching skills are extraordinary. She combines laser-sharp intellectual discernment with highly-attuned intuition to guide you just in the right direction.
— Sylvia Kratzer, Associate Professor at University of California



I work with


Visionary Leaders


Artists and musicians


As a Certified Life & Business Coach, Certified Money Coach®(CMC), Family Constellation Facilitator for coaching purposes and much more, I help entrepreneurs, leaders and creatives to make a real difference - not for good publicity's sake but to authentically raise their fourfold bottom line of Profit, People, Planet, and Purpose.

Working mostly with innovative startups and entrepreneurs, I focus on the bigger picture, where money is one important ressource amongst others. This means that any factor in your life that stands in your way financially can show itself - and can be successfully addressed in our work with the Systemic Constellation Method. This makes my work different from that of an ordinary business coach.


Most of us haven't exercised their money muscles enough to thrive. Some of us have inner obstacles to open themselves up to abundance - more often than not obstacles that they would not have dreamt of. This is why I use the Systemic Constellation Method to help you achieve lasting results at very accessible rates. This process allows you to succeed without compromising who you are. Both workshops and 1-1 sessions are designed for you to achieve tangible results.

Visionary Leaders perform their best when in alignment with their values and purpose. They often work along these lines - just not enough to ignite sustainable growth and transform employees into aligned co-creators. In my Purposeful Alignment Coaching you can (re-)discover and implement what you really came here to do, leave dysfunctionalities behind and start working straight from your essence.

Innovative Startups often also work in new ways structurally as groups and teams. As all pioneer work, this can be challenging. This is why I offer tailor-made group processes for companies and institutions. In this safe environment, team and group members can step into character as the unique individuals they are - yet at the same time be up to 100% discreet about their personal goals within the group.

Artists and Musicians often see themselves outside the money game and understand their sole purpose as making art - but it's just not that simple. In my workshops for Creatives I use a powerful combination of purpose refinement and money coaching to help you step into your full creative and financial power, for your next project to raise both your visibility and bottom line. - I also work with Artistic Consultants who would like to incorporate coaching skills into their work.

Beate is truly laser sharp ... after feeling stuck for so long, she helped me shape a clear path.
— Cathy Schoen, Life Coach

I coach in English, Danish and German.